Thursday, April 29, 2010

Living This Life

April has been a month spent immersed in art and music, just as I prefer. On the 8th, both of my bands, Eat Your Heart Out! and Wienerslav, played a benefit concert called Rock Against Rape (see my previous post for info). It was fantastic! About $1000 was collected for the local non-profit agency Safe Passage. Then, on the 22nd, Wienerslav played another show with some amazing musicians - most notably, Jason and the Punknecks. The bill was filled with high energy country-punk-blues bands that I felt honored to play amongst.

I don't have any future shows scheduled yet, but am looking to book one for my birthday, at the end of the summer. And hopefully a few in between, once I get back from my summer vacation to Greece. Yes, I'm going to Greece!!! For a whole month! Could I be any luckier?

In other news, two of my sculpture pieces were featured in NIU's 2010 Graduate and Undergraduate Sculpture Show at the Pleasant Street Gallery in DeKalb. It was my first time having any of my art in a gallery, and what a wonderful feeling it was. Being back in school is opening up so many opportunities for me to explore and share my artwork. I could go on and on about this, but the real world duties of laundry washing and final exams are calling to me. Until I find more time to write all I want to, here are some photos of the sculptures I had in the show. (Sorry, the photos are only iPhone quality.)

"The Mytho-Mechanics of Sexual Biology"
Nikki Rice
February 2010 

"Breathing in/Breathing out (Homage to Marina & Ulay)"
Nikki Rice
April 2010
* Click here for info on original piece being reference.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools' Day!

In honor of All Fools' Day, I suggest you buy a metric clock to be proudly displayed upon your living room wall. I know I'm going to.

In 1975, an Australian TV show called This Day Tonight put forth one of the most clever April Fool's pranks ever. The show convinced many viewers that Australia would soon be converting to "metric time" and explained the guidelines for the new system. In fact, metric time (or decimal time) is a real system that has been explored, but not yet perfected for public use. Pretty good. Prett-ay prett-ay pretty good.

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